Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grayslake Running Club Fall Frolic 5k Recap

So last month I decided to join the Grayslake Runners Club. I have not had a chance to run with my club yet, but once I joined I figured I should sign up for the group's 5k. I had planned on wearing shorts and a tank today but the weather had other plans. It was 50 when I left the house so capris and a long sleeve tech shirt it was. I should have went short sleeve, the last mile I sweated! I got to the run about 30 min before start. It's a local race so there was no need to get there too early. They had lots of tables set up with sponsors and even some breakfast treats. I passed on all of it because I never know how my stomach will react.
At 8:50 we started to line up at the start. They had signs marking out your pace so you knew where to start, I love when races do that! I stood between the 9 and 10 min mile, even thought I am around an 11. I did not want to be stuck near the walkers. 9am sharp we took off! The course was pretty flat and in a nice tree lined neighborhood.
I started out way to quick from the start, but was able to hold the pace the whole first mile, I finished mile one at 10:33, my fastest race pace. Mile 2 I started to slip a bit and completed that one at 10:58. I ran solid for the entire 2 miles and walked twice for about 30 seconds between mile 2 and the end. My breathing got to me some around mile 2.5 and I was a bit out of breath. Also about mile 2.75 I felt like I had to go to the bathroom BAD, good thing that went away! As we were approaching the finish, I looked at my Garmin and saw I was almost to mile 3 and hustled the rest of the way to the finish. I PR'd with a finish of 34.03! Not bad for someone who has not really ran in 2 weeks!
All in all the GRC did a great job and this was a great 5k. I will certainly do this one again if they have it next year. Next Sat is the big 10k in Milwaukee I have been looking forward to. Hoping to do one day of 6 miles this week then take it easy the rest of the week.
Did you participate in any races this weekend?

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