Monday, August 26, 2013

My Running Essentuals

Lately I have seen a lot of posts going around about everyone's running essentials, so I thought I would make a list of my own.
Garmin Forerunner 10
I have this little gadget in green, of course! I love how this tracks my distance, alerts me when I am behind my goal pace, and I can upload all the information to the Garmin site and track my progress.
Polar Heart Rate Monitor F4
I have used a heart rate monitor for many years for all my fitness. I replaced my FT7 with this F4 recently because I was having issues with my FT7. I like being able to track my heart rate and know how many calories I burn. It also lets me know if I am pushing myself too far.
VSX Y Back top
I fine these tanks to be so light weight, I can barely notice them when I run. I like how breathable they are and non clingy.
SPI Belt and Nathan's Water belt

For long runs I gotta use my Nathan's water belt. It hold 16 oz of water, my keys, and cards. For 5Ks I love the SPI belt, it holds all I need and is pretty comfortable. I like to wear the zipper pouch on my back.
Good shoes
For me that's these bad boys my Brooks Ravenna 4's. I highly suggest going to your local running store and getting fitted for running shoes. They can analyze your gate and determine which shoe style works best for you.


I love Nuun, all Nuun that I have tried so far and I probably have about 8 flavors. Nuun is a tablet you put in your water to give you electrolytes when you work out. I do not run or workout without Nuun. It has zero sugar and is easy on my stomach so I never feel sick.
What running/fitness item can you not live without?

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