Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a long time since I did a What I'm Loving Wednesday but I figured today was a good day to do so. Other than the usual suspects that I love: husband, cats, family, etc...
I love this new show called Total Divas on E! that follows the backstage lives of the WWE Divas.
Image from wrestling insider
This show has also somewhat re-sparked my interested in the WWE. How I forgot how funny and outlandish wrestling was!
My next 5k race is this Saturday at Independence Grove in Libertyville. It is also for a great cause- supporting Autism. Find out more about the race here. I am hoping it is not too hot and I can break 36 minutes from July. Look for my recap Sunday. After this race I have two more planned so far. My biggy 10k in Sept and a Corn Maze 5k in October.
We did not get to go on a summer vacation this year so we are going on a fall trip instead. Sometime this fall we are heading back to one of our favorite resorts in the Dells, Glacier Canyon at Wilderness Resort.
This time we are going to Sprecher's Restaurant and trying Moosejaw Brewery for dinner, so excited to try both. Looking forward to relaxing in the lazy river and going down the slides! There is also a Coach outlet across the street which I will be checking out!
Today's weather!
Hello it feels like fall! I love not running the a/c last night or today and having the windows open. Such a cool breeze and perfect temps! Too bad it will be in the 80s again next week.
My mom is coming over to spend the afternoon with me Friday. We are going to enjoy lunch at Panera and pop some tags at Goodwill.
photo courtesy of fanpop
Watching classic shows like Full House. I can't believe I just referred to Full House as classic. Ugh. Well this show has sparked a lot of healthy conversation around this house about when Joey moved into the converted garage, how horribly the show ended, or at what point Danny became OCD about cleaning.
These are just some of the things I am loving this week. What about you?

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