Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parking Wars

Have you guys seen Parking Wars on A&E?  I am addicted.  I started watching the season on Netflix and then was excited to see the show is still on and has new episodes.  Originally the show only took place in Philadelphia but now there are segments in Detroit.  I like the Philly crew the best.  I really like the boot crew of Garfield and Sherry.
Garfield and Sherry-  A&E.com
 I also like the impound lot and Yogi, she is awesome.

  It is amazing what excuses people will say just to not own up to parking where they shouldn't.  Good thing when we went sight seeing in Philly we parked in New Jersey and took the PATCO train or we might have gotten to meet the crew in person.  Parking in Philly is insane!  If you have a chance check out the show Saturdays on A&E at 10/9 central.

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