Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC of Me

I'd seen a couple of blog friends doing the ABC's of Me so I decided to answer too! 

A- Age- 29 but not for much longer, 30 is knocking.
B- Bed Size - Queen for now but we would love to get a King or California King one day.
C-Chore you Hate Doing- I hate emptying the dishwasher, always have!
D-Dogs- We have a cat but I do like dogs too.  Not sure if Guido would!
E-Essential start to your day- If I am going in the office then I must have iced coffee from either home or Dunkin Donuts.  Pretty much my am consists of hitting the snooze once, waking the husband, getting dressed, eating breakfast, feed the cat, and out the door!
F-Favorite Color: GREEN!
Mr Car!
G-Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold
H- Height- 5'1"
I-Instruments you play: Does Rock Band keytar count? I took piano in college for almost 2 years.  I also played a mean recorder in middle school.
J- Job Title- Benefits Specialist
K-Kids- No kids right now but hope to have 2 in the future!
L-Live- Currently live in Illinois about 15 minutes from the WI state boarder.
M-My mom's name- Darlene
N-Nickname- Emilyosis, Em, Emmy, Emzers, E
O-Overnight hospital stay- never!
Q-Quote from a movie- Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
R-Right/Lefty: righty.
S-Sibling- None. I have always thought of my best friend Lauren as a sister.  Some say we look related.
T-Time you wake up- 6:14 on work days, you never know on weekends.
U-Underwear: Victoria's Secret Pink Collection
V-Veggies you dislike- I love veggies so this is hard. Yams or Sweet Potatoes.
W-What makes you run late- Forgetting something or losing track of time.
X-Xrays you've had- At the dentist, of my chest for Pneumonia, and of my pinkie toe when I thought I broke it on the couch.  
Y-Yummy food you make- Most Weight Watcher recipes.I try and cook something every Sunday.
Z-Zoo animal- Penguins

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