Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Relaxing Day

Today Justin and I ventured to Half Price Books in Highland Park to sell some books, magazines, and our old Super NES.  We got $17 total for our all stuff, not too bad.  I only got a few things.  I got 3 books (one for mom) and this Nancy Drew Game (yes I am a nerd and like clicking computer games). I have so many Nancy Drew games it is sad, but they are way easier than shooter games which I am horrible at.  I will stick to solving mysteries.
Then we went to Kohl's in Glenview briefly and to Garden Fresh Market to get stuff for dinner.  No discount veggies or fruits this week, the rack only had potatoes and cactus leaves.  When we got home I was going to do the laundry but fell asleep watching QVC instead.  Justin made this awesome spaghetti with meat sauce and I made us two big salads.  We watched The Town with Ben Affleck which was a pretty good movie.  So many people get shot and they rob some banks as it was a thriller.  But the scene that grossed me out the most was when one of the guys was being cornered by the police, he reached down and picked up some random soda off the street and drank it.  I mean COME ON, who drinks a soda that is not theirs off the street?!?! You don't know whose soda that was or what was in it, I don't care if you are being cornered by the police.  That is just sick!  But all in all it was a good movie.  Not sure what movie we will get next week.  I am hoping for Mega Mind but there is still a very long wait.  Well off to finish the laundry and then back to work tomorrow.

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