Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost the Weekend Thursday

Well it is almost the weekend Thursday again, yay yay to that!!  I am so ready for this week to be over and for Andrea to come visit tomorrow.

After work tonight I met my old co worker Rich for dinner at one of my fav places Roti in Vernon Hills.
I had a salad with falafal balls and I even got extra balls for waiting, score! After dinner I went home and Justin and I went for our weekly shopping at the Super W (walmart) to stock up on some much needed groceries.  Then we came home and watched some of Opening Day Yankees v Tigers where the wonderful NY Yankees won!
Love this picture!

A Rod is just mad he is not as good looking as Jeter.

Very excited for the home opener win.  Let's hope the Phillies can pull off a win tomorrow. 

Well I am hoping for a good day at work tomorrow then off to pick up Drea at O'Hare.  Then Sweat Tomatoes for dinner, yum!!

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