Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodwill Friday

Every Friday when I am done working I like to go to my local Goodwill and either shop for bargains or donate stuff. I am pretty good at finding Goodwill bargains if I do say so myself.  I figure every week I will post my bargains that I get if I find some that week.
Last Week
Caribbean Joe Bag 6.99
 Today's Finds
White House Black Market halter top- 6.99

Old Navy Linen Pants 3.99

Authentic (I checked) Coach Wallet-6.99

I checked many places in the wallet and it is real.  Plus it smelled like leather. It matched the It's Not a Fake descriptions on all websites and checked out as being real. I over heard the girl who tagged it say she thought it was a fake and threw it in the wallet bin.  What a deal at 6.99!

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