Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Boston

A lot of runners have been giving their thoughts and feelings on what happened in Boston on Monday. I was at work when my co worker got a text from his wife that there were explosions at the Boston Marathon. I was shocked and took to the internet, there it all was, the horrible images. They continued on the screen in our hallway too on CNN. It was unbelievable to watch. Thankfully all of my Boston friends were safe and sound when the event happened.
That afternoon I saw on facebook they were encouraging runners to run a distance to honor the Boston runners and their families on Tuesday. Well I am pretty new to running but still feel pretty strong about it and what happened. We just so happened to get to the gym before my Zumba class and as I walked upstairs a lady got off the treadmill. I hoped on and with out music or anything cranked out a mile in my fastest time 11:09. I just kept thinking how I could do this and even though it was just a mile, it was the thought of the people in Boston that helped me finish it.
I did not have a race shirt to wear yesterday, but I wore this shirt instead. I felt it signified the hard work all runners and athletes put in.

I probably will never be fast enough to run the Boston marathon, but I will always hold the athletes that run that race in high regard.  I will continue to keep all of those effected in my thoughts and prayers. When I run my first official 5k next month I know they will be on my mind.



  1. I felt the same as you! I know I will never run Boston, but it doesn't matter - we are all runners, regardless of pace, time, distance, etc. I love how the community has come together as a result.