Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Wrap up

This week I did not get to work out as much as I liked. Let's hope next week is more successful.
Monday: No gym today, stomach hurt so I stayed home.
Tuesday: Got to the gym and ran a mile for Boston in 11:09, no music just ran. Went to Zumba after wards to get my dance on! 8 activity points earned.
Wednesday: Ran 1.5 miles before heading to Latin Heat. 12:06 mile. Another 8 activity points earned.
Thursday: We got a horrible rain storm, so we took comfort in pizza.
Friday: Made up for the pizza by running 3.1 miles and then walking some. Was majorly distracted by the Boston man hunt on tv. 6 activity points earned.
Saturday: No gym today, we walked around the mall instead.
Sunday: Parents came over, so no fitness today.
What did you do to work out this week?

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