Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend this week!
Friday after work, I enjoyed a bit of the Phillie's opening day game at Citizen's Bank Park. Have I told you how much I love and being able to watch all the games!

After that I headed to the gym primarily to lift weights, but decided to get a mile in really quick since I did not go to the gym Thursday. Lifting weights went well but I must have been a bit ambitious with the weights as I was sore all weekend :(. That night we did our errands at the mall. I tried looking for running shoes but was overwhelmed with all the options and with the loads of Nike's shoes. All I wanted was some Brooks, New Balance, or Sauconys but no it was Nikeland at Gurnee Mills.  Shoeless we went on to Taco Bell where I was glad to be able to enjoy my tacos with meat since lent is over. When we got home we watched the Dictator, which was way funnier than I thought it was going to be.
If you love Sacha Baron Cohen then you will love this!
Saturday we did some things around the house then headed out for the night.
We went to Dick's where I finally found my new running shoes. I decided on the Brooks Ravenna 4's as they were highly rated and very comfortable. It's so hard to try and decide on shoes in like 5 - 10minutes but I think these will work.
We also went to 5 below and founds loads of run stuff and went to Best Buy and got a Roku so we can watch the baseball games upstairs. Did I tell you I love the MLB tv :). At Toysrus we found this little gem that made me think of my friend Sarah in Peoria.
and Justin got these:
For dinner we tried Bakers Square for the first time. We have been wanting to go to this place for years but kept forgetting about it. Well it was so worth it!
Part of my pick 3 dinner, loved the strawberry salad! Justin had a Club Salad

Justin's French Silk Pie

My Celebration Pie, Yum!!

Yum yum, we'll be back for sure.
Sunday Justin had to work so I went on a little run outside. It was still a bit cold out so I only lasted a little over a mile. I need to stop telling myself it is just a mile, because every mile counts.

Afterwards I finally went and got my haircut. It only took me 6 or so months to get it cut again.
Then we had Stromboli's for dinner, watched Archer, and relaxed!

How was your weekend? Do anything run or new?

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