Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and Pictures

Here's hoping everyone had a nice relaxing or enjoyable weekend.
Friday I worked from home and picked up around the house. Justin and I went to the gym before Taco Bell. The gym was nice and not crowded and I got 3.1 miles in. The new shoes felt good and the only thing I still have issues with is getting the breathing right. Legs felt great. After dinner we watched some baseball in bed and fed Tobi Doritos, which he loves. Guido could care less.

Give me your Doritos

I will take them myself!
Saturday I got up and headed to the library to get some more Runner's World Magazines and pick up some holds. We cleaned house and got stuff ready to drop at Goodwill. Guido and I cleaned Guido's room, which is our guest room. He thinks it is his room and frequently asks us to let him in there. For dinner we went to Sweet Tomatoes, which I love so much. Their food is excellent and really fresh. Afterwards we did our weekly grocery shopping at the Waukegan Wal Mart, which is nowhere near as nice as the Gurnee one and was out of a lot of my stuff :(.
Tobi loves my pillow

Guido watching tv
Sunday we went to the gym again. I ran 2.5 miles and lifted weights. We watched more baseball and did laundry. I made chili for dinner which came out excellent. After that we watched the Hobbit and I loved it! It was a bit long but very good. Then we just relaxed before the work week begins all over again.

Yummy lunch

What did you do this weekend?

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