Sunday, April 14, 2013

For the Love of Nunn

I have been reading a lot of running and fitness blogs lately and a lot of the bloggers have been talking about the joys of Nuun. When I went to Dick's a few weeks ago I decided to go ahead and pick up the triple berry tube of Nuun and give it a try. My first time using it was Monday during spinning class. I only used 1/2 a tablet in my water bottle since I was not sure how the flavor would be. It was actually pretty tasty! It dissolved pretty good and no gritty residue remained. It had a slight berry taste and a bubbly feeling like seltzer. I felt it really gave me the hydration needed for the class.
I love that there is no sugar or aspartame in the tablets. This week I went and picked up the Strawberry Lemonade flavor at Dick's. I tried this flavor when I ran on Friday and I was not disappointed. Also as tasty and just the hydration I needed as the tri berry. I would love to try more flavors or the all day kind. If you are interested in something sugar free and easy to carry to replace your sports drink I highly recommend Nuun.
If you have tried Nuun before what is your favorite flavor?


  1. I tried this recently has grown on me :)

    1. Which flavors do you like so far Sarah?