Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 1 Manhattan

Well today was day 1 in Manhattan and it was pretty good.  We started the morning at Starbucks, I had my skinny caramel machiatto which was iced and ever so yummy.  Then it was off to Lexington to catch the subway.  
Got to love the jcp ads ;)
We took to train to Herald Square where we went to Lush first.  I got two solid perfumes (Lust and Orange Blossom) and Andra got 2 bath bombs and a bubble bar.  Next we went to Modell's to try and find a G Men shirt for dad but no luck.  
Drea said no to this one :)
It was off to Macy's next where I got a new Tignanello bag.  Andrea also got a bag from a different brand.  Next we headed down to the Flat Iron district to Red Mango and go to the Lion Brand Store.
Andrea's Yogurt

Me and my yogurt (Mango, White Peach, and Coconut)

@Red Mango


@ Lion Brand Store

Art at Lion Brand
Lion store front
Window display at Lion Brand

Lion Brand
Andrea got a loom and some yarn for me to make her a hat.
After that we checked out a few thrift stores, one was called Buffalo Exchange.  I did not find anything but it was nice.  Here are some street shots from walking around.

We headed back toward home on the bus and went to this cool Mediterranean place called Falafel House.  We both had the falafel pita with hummus, baba, and tabuli- YUM.
So tasty!
After that we went to Goodwill where I found a brand new, with the tags still on it, Speedo swimsuit for $12.99.

Perfect for aqua fit.  After Goodwill we went to another thrift store then home to relax before going out.  I started on the hat, but broke the darn Martha Stewart loom hook, I am disappointed in you Martha!  We met Andrea's friend Leora for a drink at East End Bar.  There was a guy there that was staring at us and then he was next to me.  I thought maybe he knew Andrea or was a student at one time.  Next time I turned around he looked over and waved, apparently he thought he knew me, haha.
The East End- 1st ave
Nice pub style bar
Blue Moon, so good I had two
Rangers vs Islanders was on tv
Now we are hanging out at home relaxing and watching QVC :).

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