Friday, February 3, 2012

Viva Vacation!

Well I am not going anywhere international or tropical this month but I am going somewhere I love... New York City!  I am going alone (Justin will have the whole weekend to eat pizza, hang out with the kitties, and play video games) later this month to visit my good friend and old neighbor from Brooklyn Andrea and also see my Grandma.  I have not seen Grandma since March 2010 and Andrea since last April so I am very excited!!  We have some fun things planned for our weekend and I am so looking forward to it.

~ Flight gets in at 7pm so I am sure we we'll get some food and head to Andrea's in Manhattan

~ Look out Manhattan the shopping will begin!  Surprisingly the sales tax is much cheaper in NYC than Chicago (city not burbs).  Here are my usual places I have to go every time I am in NY.
 Macy's 42nd Street
Lush Harold Square- it is all the way on the right.
and the new place I would like to go is:

~ Out at night to hang out with Andrea and her friends.

~ Renting a car and driving out to Suffolk County Long Island to see Grandma.
~ Thrift shopping if time
~ Hanging out

~ Get ready for this... Snowshoeing in the Catskills!!  Well we are only going if there is snow that is.  We might be taking a hike if no snow but not sure.  Here is what I anticipate snow shoeing to be like:

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