Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Work Out

This was me tonight:

So after a filling lunch of chili (we had a chili cook off) and
hot dogs from Wiener Take All
I decided it would not be wise to miss the gym today.  Since I am still coughing some I wanted something I could handle and not get worked up over.  So I checked the LA Fitness schedule to see what classes they had tonight.  Then I saw it... Aqua Aerobics!  I always wanted to try this but was always afraid.  I am short so I was scared I would not be able to touch the bottom of the pool and not get the moves down.  So off to the gym I went at 6pm to take Irene's fitness class.  Well it turns out it was awesome!  It was half aerobics and half water weights.  I could really feel the burn and the whole body work out.  I will be returning tomorrow for round 2 of aqua aerobic!

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