Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

Well I am hoping to be this jolly when I go on my first hiking trip this Sunday.  We will be headed to Minnewaska State Park in NY for our hiking trip Sunday morning.  I will be going with my good friend Andrea, who is a bit better at the outdoorsy stuff than me.  I am super excited to go and try this out.  So I had to go out and repurchase snow pants (I returned the $40 ones from Bass Pro because I thought it was going to be 50 degrees out).  I managed to get a sweet deal on new pants at Kohls for $14, awesome.  So we'll be hiking it out for about 5 hours and guess what my #1 concern is... Where Do I Pee??
Nope I am not concerned with blisters, falling, tripping, animals, or bugs but yes peeing.  Because you see I always seem to have to pee and I have Never Ever Ever peed in the woods.  I figured I could go my whole life without having to do it.  So I was talking to my friend D at work about it and you know what she told me?  Oh I think you need to practice peeing in the woods... in the bathtub.  NO WAY!!  So we'll just have to see how Sunday goes. 

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