Friday, February 3, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I am linking up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do and Sarah at Moske Monkey Business for "Fill in the Blank Friday".

1. If money wasn't an issue, the first thing I'd cross of my life list is move back to the east coast, say New Jersey or New York.

2. Wow just one thing :), watching QVC is something I like that other people think is weird.

3. If my life were a movie right now, the title would be "Emily, Cat Whisperer" .

4. Three things I am looking forward to this month are seeing Grandma and Andrea in NY , Valentine's Day and not being sick.

5. My favorite song to sing in the shower is anything playing on Slacker radio on the phone.  Right now I am singing "Sexy and I Know It" everywhere and sometimes changing the lyrics.

6. If I found out that the production of Wen C lensing Conditioner especially in Pomegranate was ending this month, I'd go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow.

7. One thing I'll never grow tired of is spending time with my family .

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