Friday, February 17, 2012

Work it Out

So we are now on week 2 of aqua fit and I am still going strong.  This week I was able to go to class Mon, Wed, Thur, and I am planning on going Sat morning too.  So I had a dilemma because I only had the one swimsuit.  Justin suggested I get another one so I don't show up everyday in the same suit.  Well I was all set to buy a new one when I dug up my old Schaumburg Park District suit from my swim instructor days.  Score!  Thankfully it is a tasteful blue color and only has the logo on the side.  It is a Peli suite so it is good quality.  Too bad I think my green one I had eroded away. 

So Mon, Tue, and Wed the classes are taught by Cyndi.  She focuses more on core and ab work which is awesome.  I really feel the burn in my abs when we are doing the moves.  Thur and Sat are taught by Irene and her classes are more aerobic focuses.  I like this class too because it gets us moving all around the pool and the heart rate up.  It is nice to have the variety of the two teaching styles.  I also like that lately a few younger girls are coming to the class.  While I enjoy the group, sometimes it is nice not being the only one under 50 ;).

None the less I hope I can keep afloat with Aqua Fit!

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