Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adventures in Working Out, the Harlem Shake, & the Pope

Today's work out was even better than yesterday. I ran a mile in under 13 minutes and evaded many zombies. I also went the distance and did a second mile quick before going to Ryan's Latin Heat class. Between Latin Heat and running I burned 880 calories today, boo ya! I am glad I am finally getting my groove back with working out.
Today was also eventful in that we elected a new pope and got to see who he was. I am so pleased with the choice of an Argentinian pope and that he is of Italian decent :). I felt a special connection to Pope Benedict because that was the saint of the school I went to. My church's saint was Francis so I am hoping that is a good sign of great things to come.
Lastly I have taken a love of the Harlem Shake craze. Yes it might be a little silly and kind of absurd but I think it is hilarious. The most recent one I saw was of the Cleveland Indians and I think it is the best one yet! Here is the link-
I end my blog post today with a few cute kitties pics:

 What are your thoughts on the day?

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