Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Night Fun

I hope everyone had a nice Sat night... before we all lose an hour of sleep :(. Tonight we went on an adventure to Oakbrook Court Mall. I had not been there in a year or so and neither had Justin. We went to Lush where I got two awesome new Easter items.
The Brightside

Immaculate Eggception
Afterwards we went to the Microsoft Store to go preorder Gears of War Judgement, again. When we found out the Microsoft Store was having a launch party we decided to cancel our online order and go to the party.
We looked at the cars in the window at Tesla.
After a bit more shopping we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. They have these awesome new diet pepsi drinks, I had Pomegranate and Blood Orange Pepsi, wow was it good. I got to try the new Brussels Sprout Pizza, yum! Justin had the Meat Cravers.

Such good food! I have never had brussel sprouts on pizza and it was awesome! Then we came home and watched JT on Saturday Night Live. I have not laughed so hard at that show in forever!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I LOVE Lush sad they closed our shop down in Memphis.

    1. Oh that stinks Sarah that they closed the Lush in Oakcourt! I know they have reasonable shipping, I ordered some items for Christmas and it was just as fresh as in the store.