Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Summary

Well today was nothing too special, we spent the whole day inside. It looked like it was finally getting warmer outside and that the snow was thankfully melting. Justin worked today and I did some stuff around the house and on the computer. Losing an hour did stink and I know we will be paying for it in the next few days.
Tonight I made a new recipe from Weight Watchers called Warm Spinach Salad. We had that with a Green Giant Potato side called Backyard Grilled Potatoes. Both were excellent!

During dinner we finally got to watch Wreck It Ralph and we loved it!
Totally a movie any video game lover can enjoy! I also loved that when you paused the movie there was a little insider guide done by Chris Hardwick. That was an awesome bonus! I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves video games, Disney, or family movies.
Hope everyone had a nice relaxing Sunday.

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