Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adventures in Working Out

Today I did my fastest mile yet, 13:20. I know I still have a long way to go but I am pretty glad I broke my previous best time by a minute. The time above was the total time on the treadmill before fitness class.
So I discovered the pretty cool app for the Android and iPhone to help me run on the treadmill. It is called Zombies, Run. The app has a story with it and integrates your music in with the story. You can not go wrong with running from Zombies. If you run outside you can use your phones GPS. Since I was inside I had to just use the motion of the phone. It was not 100% accurate but the heart rate monitor tracked the calories burned and the treadmill the distance. Although it is not a free app, I felt the 3.99 was pretty reasonable for what I got.
After running, B and I went and did Alexandra's Zumba class and boy did we get a work out. Lots of dancing, shaking, and grooving tonight! If you have not tried Zumba yet I highly suggest you do. Find out more about Zumba and your local class here

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