Monday, April 4, 2011

Mexico Monday

Well it is Mexico Monday, time for a trip update.  First off today I had to took Andrea back to O'Hare so she could head back to NYC.  We took a picture before she had to leave.

Guido and Boomer wondering where Andrea went.
So like I said it is Mexico Monday.  Today I got out the suitcases (yes I know I am going in May and it is a month away but I like packing).  I took all the stuff from my laundry basket (temporary suitcase) and put the things in the two suitcases.  I am glad, so far both are only half full.  I want at least one to be pretty empty for souvenirs.  I also started assessing the bath stuff and what else we need to buy.  Very excited and can not wait for the trip.

One more thing.  Mom gave me a lot of family pictures to scan so I bought this from Amazon.  I am so excited to try and it and can not wait until it comes!

Pandigital Photolink One-Touch PANSCN06 8.5-Inch x11-Inch Photo Scanner

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