Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out to Lunch

Today I went out to lunch with Molly and Denise. We decided to go to the Pita Inn in Glenview.
I had the falafel sandwich and they had the lunch special.  I should have got the special as the sandwich wasn't enough.  The line was really long to get a side so Denise was nice enough to share her hummus with me.  Poor Molly had allergies or something because her eyes were so red and irritated today.  I had a scratchy throat so we had to stop at this 7-11 that had the world largest liqueur store inside a convenient store it seemed like.  Atleast we got to get out and have a nice lunch.  On the plus also, Yankee's, White Sox, and Phillie's won today.  On the negative Justin's driver side window motor broke today and he had to have it repaired.

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