Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Today we did some errands and a bit of shopping.  I wore a few Goodwill items today too.
Miss Sixty T Shirt- 1.50

Ed Hardy Sweatshirt- 3.50 originally 140.00
 We dropped off a box of kitchen things at Goodwill that we no longer needed.  Next we went to Play It Again Sports to sell some weights we did not want.  We are looting to get dumbbells and a kettlebell.  We also went to Half Price Books where finally they had my book Mini Shopaholic.  This one is coming to Mexico for sure! I also got a People Style magazine and a book Stuff White People Like.  We also had Sonic for lunch, yum! I had a New York Hot dog, tots, and a Real Fruit Strawberry shake.  Justin has a super Sonic Burger.

We also went to World Market, Super Target, and Gamestop.  I got a game for my DS for the trip too.  It is Guitar Hero Decades and it was only $5!  All in all a good day.  Tonight I am making backed Ziti and we are watching Due Date.

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