Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Family Funday

Today was a pretty good Sunday.  We got up about 9:30ish and went to the gym around 11am.  I did weights first then ran 2 miles on the treadmill.  I actually felt pretty solid running yesterday so hopefully this is a good sign that I can do it more often.  When we got home we just kind of hung out.  I did some laundry and Justin did some cleaning.  Mom, dad, and Linda came over around 4:30pm.  Linda is a good friend of my parents who lives in FL now, she worked at Eastern with my dad.  She is going to Europe with them. Here is a picture from when my parents visited Linda last month.
We went to Mitch's for dinner and had yummy hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.  Lots of onion rings were also eaten.  After Mitch's, Justin and I went home to watch the Yankees lose to that team I hate and will not mention.  All in all it was a nice Sunday, pretty relaxing!

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