Monday, April 4, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Saturday Andrea and I got up early and took the 9am Metra train into the city.  It was time to get our shop on! First stop was some Starbucks to get us a warmed up as it was a bit chilly.  I had a Decaf Carmel Machiato and she had an Decaf Americano.  Next stop was New York and Co for their 50% off sale.  They did not my dress or one of Drea's dresses in our sizes so we had to order them.  I bought these things:

Had to order, will be shipped this week hopefully!

This top, I got a black pencil skirt to go with it at H&M
I also got a silver cuff.  Andrea got two strapless dresses, one silver flowers and one spring colored flowers and this dress.
Next we went to H&M, Forever 21 (jewelery for Mexico)

Macy's, and many more places.  Macy's also had their flower show going on which was very nice.  I also got a very cool black dress for our trip that was originally $90 for only $18. We had lunch in Macy's at Rick Bayless' Frontera Fresco.  I had Chicken Chureso tacos and we both had some chips and corn soup.  Yum Yum. 
 After State Street we went to Millennium Park to see the bean.  I will have some pictures of that hopefully in a few days.  Here are some of Drea in the park.

Next stop Michigan Avenue.  We did some more shopping there before hitting Chipotle for dinner.  We had to catch the 8:35 train so we were only able to grab the food and go.  The guy in front of us would not move forward because he wanted to lean on the wall.  Even though the people in front of him were like 6 feet away.  I think he realized how dumb it was and moved.  We hailed a cab and headed to the train.  It was a super fun day.  We got some great finds and had a lot of fun!

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