Monday, April 25, 2011

Mexico Monday

We are getting closer to the big anniversary trip to Mexico and I am super pumped!  I think I need to start listening to Luis Miguel to get myself even more excited.  I learned about his music last time we were in Mexico.  Apparently he is like the Michael Bolton of Mexico.
He is way better looking than Michael Bolton
Still exercising to get ready for the trip.  I ran 4 miles today in 55 minutes at the gym while watching the Yankee/White Sox game.  So I am like 80% packed.  Unfortunately you probably still can not tell when we are going since I started packing like a month ago.  I love packing and I am obsessed with it and making sure I do not forget anything.  Now I just need to get Justin to pack.  I also still need to go to Verizon to activate the international calling so I can text the neighbor to make sure senior Guido Gato is ok while we are away.  Maybe if he is good we will get him a kitty sombrero, ole!  Well more resort pics for your viewing.  Adios!

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