Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walmart Wednesday

Today was Walmart Wednesday.  First all the day was a good one, work went well.  I made this awesome Turkey sausage, vegetable, and barley soup for lunch and dinner.  It was a whole lot of barley for one day! But one of the tastiest soups I have had in awhile and it only took 50 minutes to make.  After work we went to the library to return magazines and get new DVDs and more magazines.  I got some new magazines I had never read like Budget Travel.

I also got Ghostbusters and I am going to give Sex and the City a try since Andrea and Bonnie both seem to like the show.

Last night we just hung out around the house.  Justin played Just Case 2 and I played on the computer and watched the American Pickers I did not finish from the night before.   During dinner we got caught up on Pawn Stars, I love that show! 

My good friend Crystal's dad was on that show once also.  He was in the episode Guns and Rangers.  His name is Robin and he is selling a key gun.  On one of the episodes last night Chumlee tried to draw a Picaso, it was pretty funny.

I also got nostalgic last night after reading a Facebook post from my friend Jim who got season 1 & 2 of Wings for his birthday.  So I looked up Wings on Netflix and they have all the episodes from all the season streaming, score! I used to love that show.  So I decided to watch the pilot and will try and watch the seasons.

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