Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Friday was my normal trip to Goodwill and I felt I scored again this week.  I got all the following for about $60.  I think between what I got for my nieces this time and what I got a month ago, Christmas shopping for them might be done.  Missing are the Mossimo jeans I got for $4.99
Scrapbooking kit for my niece- 1.99
Kelly set for my nieces- 4.99
Kelly set for my nieces-9.99
Kelly set for my nieces- 9.99
1993 McDonald's Birthday for my collection- 14.99
Kelly Friends of the World for my collection- 4.99
 Joe's Jeans- 4.99 (apparently these retail for around 175.
Banana Republic Sandals- 2.99
I love Goodwill and can't wait until next Friday to see what treasures I find!  I also need to go through my clothes to see what I can donate.

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