Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phi Sigma Sigma Reunion- Wonderful Night with Wonderful Ladies!

Saturday night Bonnie and I headed to Oakbrook Center Mall to got to our Phi Sigma Sigma reunion at Maggiano's.  We had not seen some of these ladies in over 10 years!  We were nervous at first.  Would they remember us?  Would they talk to us?  We were also so excited!!  When we got to the mall we went to Macy's and walked around for a bit.  I also got to see my first Microsoft Store, woohoo!

  Then we headed to the restaurant and hunted for some parking.
  When we got inside we found the sign with our parties' name on it and headed to the room.
Here we are, above Mary Jane and Sara's wedding dinner

And right under the Lithuanian Catholic Association
When we got into the room we were immediately greeted by the girls and felt so much better.  We had a great dinner, a four course meal!
Our menu, yum!

My plate

Bonnie was all about the chicken parm!
We ate at the table with Beth, Julie, her daughter, Kristen, Carrie, and Lanie.  It was so much fun catching up with everyone.  Why in the world did Bonnie and I wait 7 plus years to see these ladies again ?!?!  After dinner we chatted, laughed, and took pictures.  We had such a great time and can't wait to get together with everyone again.  I know we are going to try and be better with staying in touch.  Here are some great pictures I took and some from my pledge mom Carrie.
Beth and Kristen- Beth was so great in organizing the whole thing.

L to R back row- Ann, Emily, Caryn, Lanie, Nicole, Bonnie, Beth, Jenni, Me

 L to R front- Carrier, Tammy, Kristen, and Julie
Me and Bonnie- BFFs and Sisters

Lanie and Carrie- One of my college partners in crime and my wonderful pledge mom

Jenni, Nicole, and Caryn

Bonnie and me again

My Phi Sig family- Carrie and Julie


  1. Love the post and pics! It was great to see you and Bonnie...hopefully we can do this again really soon! Beth rocks for planning the whole thing:)

  2. I agree Kristen, it was a great night and wonderful to see everyone. We will not be waiting 10 years to show our faces again for sure. Hopefully we can get together in a year or less!