Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is time again for another installment of What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I played the lotto for the first time yesterday.  The Mega Millions is getting pretty high.  I bought 3 tickets and got a match on one number and the mega ball so I won $3 enough to break even.  I am going to turn in my ticket and use the $3 to buy my ticket for Friday.

Hunger Games- Well I decided to read the books because of the movie and my co worker keeps pressuring me to.  I finished the first book and like it a lot.  I am now on the second book (Catching Fire) and am still enjoying it.  I still probably will not see the movie until it comes out on DVD.

My friend Bonnie and I are headed to Archiver's for the first time since August for Saturday afternoon crop this Sat.  I am excited to get working on my SMASH books some more.  
I have my photos all printed but need to pack up my scrapbooking bag.  Can't wait for crafting fun!

Draw Something app.  What a fun new app to play with your friends.  It is just like pictionary.

As usual I am still loving the hubby, my family, my boys, aqua fit, my friends, Taco Bell, work, and life!!


  1. I didn't know you were a scrapbooker...LOVE Archivers!!

  2. Oh yes since college I love it. I love Archivers too! I love going to their Fri and Sat scraps so I can catchup with my friend and we can focus on scrapbooking.