Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!!

We had a good day today.  Justin worked and I went to an awesome Aqua Fit class (I know I will feel it tomorrow).  Afterward I went to Goodwill (will post that this weekend) and ran into my neighbor there which was funny.  We also cleaned out some stuff from the house to donate to Goodwill tomorrow.  We talked to Justin's parents on the phone for a bit and got caught up on what they are up to.  Tonight we had dinner at Last Chance Saloon and both got green Miller Lights.
They were so GREEN! I had cabbage and corn beef and Justin had a turkey and bacon club.  It was super hot today and very nice out.  What a great St. Paddy's Day.  Friday I went to the city for work, it was beautiful outside.  I took the train in and read The Aviary on the way there and back (I managed to finish most of the book on the 3 hour round trip train ride and the rest that night). 
At our downtown office before heading to the meeting.
I hate to say it but I caved and bought a Shamrock Shake, it was so good.  Plus I was burning up because it was 80 outside.
Shamrock Shake
Green water at Daley Center fountain
 I also got these cool things for our soup dispensers at Bath and Body Works.

Also our chopper came and I can not wait to use it tomorrow when we make stuffed chicken.

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